Dream Team




When you sign up to serve anywhere in our church, you’ll become part of the DREAM TEAM, you’ll belong to something bigger than yourself and you’ll be a part of reaching The One for Jesus each and every week!


Leader: Pastor Joel Rissinger


Numbers 10:21 says “before they [the Israelites] arrived at the next camp, the Tabernacle would already be set up at its new location. ” From this verse we learn that LifeWay Church isn’t the first portable church! The portable church finds its roots all the way back in the Old Testament in the second book of the Bible! LifeWay Church has to be set up and torn down each week, just like the Old Testament Tabernacle. We like to think of ourselves as not just setting up equipment but preparing for life change.


Leader: Kristy Koyama   860.922.3120

Did you know that most people make up their mind about whether or not they’re coming back to LifeWay Church even before the worship begins or the message is given? It’s true! That’s why our host team is so important because they are the ones who make first impressions on our guests. If you’re friendly, know how to smile, and enjoy making people feel welcome, then our host team is for you!



Tim and Christine Crowley


Want to point kids towards God? Making an investment of your time and talent in young lives is an awesome opportunity to partner with us in creating followers of Jesus. In our kids department, you can volunteer to assist with registration or serve in a variety of age appropriate classes.


Leader: Tina Cianci 


The mission of our worship and production department is to create inspiring worship. We’re looking to partner with committed people who have a servant’s heart and love Jesus. LifeWay worship is divided into several categories: sound, computer, and lighting.


If you're ready to join the team, or want more info, click "Contact Us" above.

You might be a member of another church who is willing to help us out for a few months. You might be a Christian looking for a church to connect with permanently, or you might even be a non church-goer who just wants to be a part of making a difference in the Hartford area.  If you are willing, then you are welcome.  We want a diversity of people to join our team from teachers, to baristas, to construction workers, to college students, and everything in between. Are you willing to help? Do you want to make a difference?   If that describes you, then we want you on our Dream Team!