Infants Eating Lunch

At LWLC our caregivers will adapt to your child's daily routine in order to provide a nurturing enviroment that suits their individual feeding, sleeping and diapering needs. Along with the help of parents, we will create your baby's personal profile which will adhere to these needs. We believe that physical strength, motor skills, sensory and making friends is very important in a baby's first year. Our Infant room's daily schedule is filled with age appropriate activities for even the youngest infants. Our busy babies will enjoy playing with their teachers during music and momevent, floor time, tummy time, and of course bubbles! These physial activities will not only help develop their muscles but it also teaches them body awareness. Equally important is helping build your babies self-esteem and confidence. Books, clocks and other toys will help them do just that.

Infant boy
Infant playing
Infants playing
Infants playing