Pre-School Art Project

At this stage your Pre-Schooler is fully potty trained, has graduated from our Toddler area and getting ready for Kindergarten. A few of the changes from the Toddler floor to the Pre-School floor is our teacher to child ratio. Circle time is detailed with letter recognition, colors, shapes and counting. Our daily schedule includes creative arts, music and movement, outdoor play and a creativity board.


This is a very busy and exciting time. We promote independence by boosting confidence with praise and encouragement. Children will prepare for Kindergarten by completing weekly homework assignments, daily educational activities and group discussions during their circle time. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when they master areas such as: upper and lower case letter recognition, writing, shapes, colors, matching, sorting, spelling words and introducing new math skills. Our Pre-School teachers will work closely with the parents to communicate what their child comprehends as well as what their child may need to work on. LWLC’s Pre-School evaluations are filled out in the middle of the year by your child’s teacher. These assessments help parents and their child’s new school recognize where their child stands in terms of their Kindergarten readiness.


As our seasons change, the children will participate in sledding and water play in our secure playground area.

Kids on Playground
Pre-School Art Project