Bible Study Groups


The Book of 1 Peter


The letters of 2 Peter and Jude challenge us to recognize our identity as a chosen friend of God. These letters will challenge us to live a holy life in this world that does not always promote holy living. Come and explore what advice Peter and Jude gave to the early Christians, and how it applies to us today.


Leader: Ross Clement
Location: 200 Middletown Rd, Berlin
Day and Time: Tuesdays at 7pm
Materials: workbook recommended (details from leader)





The Book of 1 Corinthians

Join us as we dive in, verse by verse, into this letter Paul writes to the Corinthian church which he established on his 2nd missionary trip. Things in the church began to go in the wrong direction and Paul helps bring further instruction, correction and encouragement to this church that he loved so much. Let’s learn what was going on in the Corinth church, at that time, and see how we can apply the instruction, correction, and encouragement today.

Pastor Joel

Leader: Pastor Joel Rissinger

Where: 60 Fairfield Ave, Hartford   

Day and time: Wednesdays at 7pm 

Materials: Bible



*Spanish Speaking Bible Study- With English Translations*

Beginning Feb. 15

If you or someone you know speaks primarily Spanish and would understand the Bible better in the Spanish language, this group is for you! Come join us as we look at various scriptures in the Bible and discuss what the Word of God is saying and how to apply it to our lives. (English translations will also be provided).


Leader: Tony Batista

Where: 50 Wilson Ave, Newington  

Day and time: Every other Saturday at 3:00 pm  

Materials: Bible